Flourishing Skills Group 2022

Instead of just surviving, how about thriving?

Why do some people languish while other people flourish? In order to thrive, people need to learn to build their reservoir of positive emotions, work with negative emotions, build their will-power, and create nurturing relationships. This Flourishing Skills Group will teach you these positive psychology tools and more, all in an intimate and supportive group setting. The group meets weekly for 10 consecutive weeks. Every week, you will build and deepen your happiness skillset, leaving you nourished, empowered, and energized. Start off the new year with a fresh approach to make 2022 your best year yet!

Read the electronic brochure below for more info, and contact me to inquire or register: Julie @newleafgrowth.com

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Cultivate your seeds of well-being today and start growing into the person you want to become.

About Julie Gates

I am a certified life coach who specializes in personal growth. My unique background in positive psychology, public health and clinical medicine supports me in helping my clients thrive and flourish through life’s changes.