Build a life that excites and energizes you.

Build a life that excites and energizes you.

Do you feel like something is missing?
Are you going through a transition and trying to find your path forward?
Do you want your life to more authentically reflect the real you?

Start cultivating a life of clarity, confidence, and connection today.

Ways to work with me:


Individual Coaching with Julie:
Available by appointment 


Group Coaching:
Check here for upcoming group programs.

In our first call, we will establish trust and transparency, the bedrock of my relationship with my clients. 

When you reach out to me regarding either individual coaching or group coaching, we will start with a complimentary introductory call. This conversation will help us clarify what you are looking for and what my coaching services can offer you.

It’s important to me that you get clear, comfortable, and excited about the process before we begin our work together.

After our introductory call you will have more:

When you begin individual coaching as my client, you set the agenda.

We explore together what is working in your life and what is not. We clarify where you are now in your life, and where you want to be in the future. I help you uncover the obstacles along your path, and together we develop plans and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

I hold the space for you to dig deep and embrace self-discovery. I provide accountability for you to follow through on the necessary work to achieve your goals.

My group programs are intimate and powerful communal experiences.

When you join one of my group coaching programs, I select a topic and participants come together to explore how these themes apply to each of our lives. We create a space of safety and trust.

Through sharing, listening, and supporting each other, deep connections develop between the participants. While this is a collective experience, each participant will grow in their own unique way through the process.


What’s next?

Want to learn more about my unique approach to helping you achieve your goals?